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Introducing the BCCA Guideline to Construction Close-Out Procedures

Download the PDF Version here.

We all know that the closing stages of a project can be the most challenging and relationships can be tested. To help you be more effective in the closing stages of your contracts and project closeouts, BCCA has created a brand-new, comprehensive guide. Developed by a taskforce of industry experts, Guide to the Closeout of Construction Contracts and Projects is a comprehensive and in-depth tool that includes practical best practices and guidance on completing your statutory and contractual milestones. 

The purpose of this Guide is to provide general guidance to help facilitate closing stages of a construction contract and closeout of a project, including compliance with the BC Builders Lien Act, release of Holdback funds and the Ready-for-Takeover milestonewhich was introduced in CCDC 2-2020.  

Critically and uniquely, BCCA is advising industry to complete both its Contractual and Statutory obligations separately, until such time as we have prompt payment laws and lien reform in BC that better align the two. This is because there are different timelines, different certificates to be issued and critically and potentially, different requirements. 

The Guide is meant as an educational tool for contractors and subcontractors. It can also be a valuable resource for Owners and Consultants.  

Readers are strongly encouraged to review BCCA’s “A Guide to the Builders Lien Act” in conjunction with this Guide.