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BCCA’s External Policy for Use of Owner Forces on Public Funded

Integral to BCCA’s policy for the Use of Owner Forces are several other policies that the Association endorses. Fundamentally, it is rooted in our policy on Freedom of Enterprise which is that we support an economic and political system based on individual freedom and the competitive free enterprise system:

  • All Government, publicly funded agencies and Crown Corporations must be required to contract out construction and major maintenance work and services to the private sector in order to ensure maximum efficiency and public accountability.
  • The privatization of government services and programs can be more effectively delivered by the private sector as long as privatization is implemented while maintaining acceptable standards of practice relating to a competitive process.

BCCA’s External Policy for ‘Use of Owner Forces’

  • BCCA promotes the use by government of the private sector for construction and engineering services, as this practice serves to develop more private sector capability.
  • BCCA recognizes an owner’s need for minor maintenance/emergency staff, but supports all capital projects being competitively tendered.
  • BCCA opposes government-owned or controlled entities competing for construction contracts.
  • BCCA opposes the government’s practice of supporting crown corporations that compete with the private sector.

An economic and political system based on freedom of enterprise is to the greatest advantage and is in the best interest of the tax payers of British Columbia. Governments and government agencies at all levels should refrain from competing against the private sector. When expending public funds, government and government agencies at all levels should ensure public tendering for its capital projects and maintenance, whenever practical. This includes funds from taxes at all levels of government as well as any other public assessments or user fees and applies regardless of the nature of the corporation or entity that is ultimately given the responsibility for the tendering and construction of these projects.

Sustained and predictable investment in public infrastructure is an integral strategy to attract new investment and build a strong, competitive economy. Modern, high-quality infrastructure provides efficiencies in producing and transporting goods, providing a return on investment to the province through jobs, profits, and taxes. Infrastructure investment encourages a stable workforce for people choosing a career in construction and encourages existing workers to remain in construction, and leads to more financial success for companies.

We advocate the use of private sector parties to quote on, administer, supervise and coordinate all phases of construction projects. BCCA therefore urges all levels of government to use to the fullest extent the capacity, skill, experiences and resources of the construction industry and avoid the practice of performing work with their own forces and equipment.