2013 Construction Summit

The British Columbia Construction Association hosted its annual Construction Summit on January 25, 2013 and industry leaders from every region of the province were in attendance. Premier Christy Clark (LIB) and Leader of the Opposition Adrian Dix (NDP) joined our roster of speakers, answering questions from BCCA members on key industry issues such as skills training, procurement, PST, safety and more.

The clips below highlight both leaders’ proposed plans that will impact our industry and our province. We encourage you to share these materials with your networks.

Feature Videos:

Adrian Dix:

“We have to build on the things the current government did well, and address those they’ve done badly.”

Christy Clark:

“I will always tell you where I stand. My job is to support you.”

Other Segments:

Opening Remarks



Full Q&A Sessions

Premier Christy Clark and MLA Adrian Dix answer nine questions from across the province on key construction issues from procurement to training to the HST roll-back.



Question 1: “We know people tend to stay and work in the place they were educated and trained. How will you expand or enhance construction-related apprenticeship and trades training in the north? 



Question 2: “What are you going to do to increase and maintain levels of private investment in BC?



Question 3: “What is your position on holding contractors responsible for the location of publicly-owned underground services?



Question 4: “What is your government’s approach to working with small business in BC?



Question 5: “What do you think is the single biggest challenge in terms of green building and sustainability?  How will you address it?



Question 6: “BC continues to face a shortage of skilled workers.  How will your government increase support for construction trades training?



Question 7: “What is your plan for audits when the PST comes back – for example, will you place parameters on the retroactive audit process?



Question 8: “Will your government implement bundling on public projects?



Question 9: “The Certificate of Recognition program and WorkSafeBC’s system of rewarding safety performance has made our industry safer – what is your government’s future vision for the COR and experience rating system?