BCCA Official News Releases

Celebrating the Industry that keeps building through environmental, health, and economic crisis

Costs Soar as Labour Pool Shrinks and Public Policy Leaves Contractors Stranded

Anthony Minniti of CGI Constructors Steps up to Lead

Effective today, BC’s construction employers can begin to access up to $40,000 through the BCCA to offset the costs of onboarding and training first -year apprentices in 39 Red Seal trades.

Exciting Chance for Young Talent to get Personal Career Guidance from Industry Leaders.

Funding compensates BC construction employers, fueling hiring and registration

Connecting the community to improve talent retention and career development

Awards recognize exceptional contributions as part of BC Construction and Skilled Trades Month

BC Construction Association Recognizes Four Public Owners for Best Practises

Labour Supply Still Top Issue Even As Trades Diversify and Offer Greater Stability, Earnings